How to Navigate Your Farmers Market

July 5, 2017

Summer is in FULL swing. Now is the time to capitalize on the benefits of local farmer’s markets! I love taking a few hours out of my week + going to my local market to get closer to my food.



In this mass-produced world we live in, it’s so important to know where our food is coming from. You can talk with your farmer to learn their farming practices, you support local small businesses + farms + you will actually KNOW what’s in your food + what you’re putting in your body!



If you are traveling this summer + want to try a new, local market, I am obsessed with the app Farmstand! Farmstand uses your location on your phone to find local markets, tells you the place, date + time they are open + people can leave comments on what the markets are best known for.

Win, Win!!



My Top Ten Tips to Navigate Your Market:

  • Be Flexible: buy what looks the best/in season

  • Go with a set budget: Ask ahead of time if your farmer accepts credit cards

  • Arrive early for the best produce or arrive towards the end of the market for last minute deals

  • Ask to see the  "seconds" (great for pies/sauces/jams). “Seconds” of berries still look better than the majority of berries at our grocery stores!

  • Take one lap around before you commit. See who has what and then go back to that stand when you decide it’s what you want

  • Talk to your farmer about ways to store produce + length of freshness

  • Bring small bills for easy transactions

  • Try ONE new item a week. Everything looks so gorgeous at the market but then you buy something you’ve never cooked with before, get it home + a week later you are throwing it out. Instead, try one new fruit or produce each time you go

  • Don’t dismiss a farmer for missing the “organic” label. Talk with them about their farming practices- it takes a lot of time + money for farms to get certified as organic from the government so more often than not, they are using organic farming practices without the label of "organic"

  • Bring your own re-usable bags- some vendors even give you a discount for this!

Happy Shopping!!!

xo, Kristen




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