Please Pass the Butter...

June 6, 2017

We've all heard the lies... 


“Fat makes us fat. Stay away like it’s the plague ”




We are bombarded with "low-fat", "fat-free", "fake-everything" as we walk up + down every aisle in the grocery store. If there's a food we love, we can be certain that right next to him we will find his "low-fat", "skinny", "cuter" younger sibling, promising less calories, less bloating + absolutely no weight gain around our hips.  I hate to break it to you friends, but this is where we've gotten it all wrong.


We have been told one BIG, FAT LIE.


Fat does not make us gain weight, if (IF) it is the right type of fat. Instead of blaming this macronutrient that every single cell in our bodies need to survive + thrive, why don't we look at it's replacement...SUGAR.


Sugar is the evil step-sister. Sugar is what's making us all gain weight, feel sluggish, crash + burn at that 3-4 pm slump every single day.  


Now you may be saying "...But if I eat something low-fat, what does that have to do with sugar?"




When the mega food companies decided to remove fat from our foods, claiming that's what causes obesity, the fat was replaced with sugar. Why? Because let's be real...fat makes food taste good...really good. And when we remove fat from our foods they taste really bad. So, how to we improve this?


Add sugar!!


Sugar is EVERYWHERE. It is hidden in foods that don't even appear to taste sweet...hidden in low-fat + skim milk, dairy products, 100 calorie pack crackers, skinny margaritas, low fat yogurt (including frozen) + fat-free drinks. 



How is this sugar turning into fat??


In the body, sugar gets metabolized by the liver + turns into fat cells. Since there is so much sugar added into our food + beverages, our blood sugar is WAY out of control.  Our liver + pancreas can not break down the added sugar that is in every single meal during our day. In return, that sugar that the body is bombarded with is turned into + pumped out of the liver as fat cells that then make their way to our favorite, all time, stubborn areas...our stomachs, our arms, bottoms + hips. Lucky us.


So, how do we break this vicious cycle?


Switch to full fat friends (say that 5x fast). I'm talking about whole-fat products. Organic, Whole Fat (grass-fed + raw if available) milk, cheese, cream + yogurt. Eat real eggs + most importantly...


Think about this for a second...Mother Nature got it right. She paired the rich, creamy, beautiful yolk with the protein-packed egg white. She even paired the delicious + decadent heavy cream on the top of protein rich milk.

So when the day comes that a chicken lays an egg without the yolk or Farmer Joe goes to milk a cow and only skim-milk comes out of the udders...stick with the real thing.

Just how Mother Nature intended it to be.


What will healthy fats do for my body?

  • These healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids are going to help the body:

  • regulate hormones

  • balance blood sugar

  • regulate the metabolism

  • help us feel satisfied when we eat

  • balance out our energy

  • help to lower inflammation in the body!

Who doesn't want that?!?



So grab a nice, big ol' pad of real butter + enjoy it.

Savor the flavor friends + step away from the processed, fat-free fad...I promise, your body will thank you. 









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