Sweet, Sweet Sugar

June 28, 2017





“Why are you not supposed to eat dessert within 60 mins of a meal/ and or sugar after or with a protein?”





Excellent question! This has been a longtime dietary myth that I would be happy to bust!


Let’s break this down…



#1: Are Proteins + Sugars Digested Differently by the Body?


There is some truth behind this. Carbohydrates begin digestion in the mouth while proteins begin digestion in the gut.


- Sugars + Carbohydrates begin their digestion in the mouth. There is an enzyme in our saliva called salivary amylase. This begins the breakdown of carbohydrates on the first level before your starch food hits your stomach.


- Proteins on the other hand, are broken down in the stomach with digestive enzymes.


- HOWEVER, no matter what type of food you are digesting, it is crucial that your stomach acidity is HIGH enough to churn + burn your food!


This is Where it is Important to Boost Stomach Acidity


Try adding in RACV (raw apple cider vinegar- 1 tsp-1 tbsp.) into your water, 3x a day, around meals. You can also increase stomach acid naturally with lemon water. Either of these options, or a combination of both will keep your stomach acid levels high to break down your foods- both sugars + proteins.



#2: Remember YOUR Bio-Individulatiy


- It is important to honor your body + how it FEELS.


Ask yourself this question. “When I eat sugars (starchy carbs) with protein, how do I feel? Do I feel sluggish or do I have more energy?”


- Remember that carbohydrates are our quick burners. We get a quick burst of energy in our blood sugar and then that dips down. If we just eat starchy + sugary carbs, we hit sugar crashes. This is what we want to avoid so that our blood sugar + metabolism stay regulated.



#3: Healthy Fats


- If you are craving sugar + starchy carbs, remember to keep your healthy fats up. When we are craving sugars + giving our bodies those sugars, our body is fueling itself as a sugar burner as opposed to being a fat burner.


- Our goal is to be more of a fat burner to reduce inflammation, let go of excess weight, and have balanced blood sugar throughout the day as well as an even + continuously running metabolism.


- Increase the amount of healthy fats you digest + watch sugar craving dip down!



#4: Turn to Whole Foods


- As with everything we discuss here at Nourish, our goal is to get back to a whole foods, properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet. Look at the foods nature has provided us with…beans, nuts, seeds + legumes are all a combination of carbohydrates + protein together. There is a reason we have these foods! By pairing this combination, your blood sugar is burning at a slower rate + it is staying steady, compared to just eating a quick burning carb.



#5: Try not to eat anything 2 hours before you go to sleep


- No matter what we are fueling our bodies with, whether this is carbs, proteins or fats, try not to eat anything 2 hours before you go to bed. While you are sleeping, your body is in a healing + repairing state. This takes SO much energy from the body that we actually need to shut down systems that the body uses during the day while we are awake in order for rest + repair to happen.


- If you are eating right before bed, your body is going to choose DIGESTION over HEALING! Therefore, many individuals wake up not hungry for breakfast…their bodies have been digesting all night long!


  Sleeping is NOT the time or place for digestion.




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