Summer BBQ Tips

June 13, 2017

We all love a great summer party or BBQ. With the last of the summer parties just around the corner (crazy I know!), here are some simple tips to stay on track + eat healthy at your favorite cookout.




1.    Set Yourself Up to SUCCEED.

  • Bring something you KNOW you can EAT.

  • Be the friend who brings a fabulous veggie dip or chicken + veggie kabobs. Offer to bring healthier chip options (Food Should Taste Good + Late July are two awesome brands

  • Bring a healthy appetizer or a healthy dessert like watermelon



2.    Start the day with a fabulous  BREAKFAST.

  • Load up with some extra fat + protein (add another egg or ½ and avocado) to keep your metabolism up and to keep you full longer.



3.    Get your WORKOUT in in the morning, before you go.

  • Add in some cardio + weights to keep metabolism burning while you’re at the cookout.



4.    At the Cookout, Start with a PROTEIN as the Main Item on Your Plate

  • Hamburger, Grilled Chicken, Steak Tips, Italian Sausage, Hot Dog (try nitrate free- Applegate is a fabulous brand + Boarshead nitrate free hot dogs!)

  • Opt-OUT of the BUN + load up on grilled veggies



5.    Want a Summer cocktail? Alcohol will act as your starchy carb since alcohol turns into sugar in the body. The best options if you want a summer drink are:

  • Vodka (Tito’s Brand)

  • Gin

  • Tequila

  • Spiked Seltzers

  • Gluten Free Beer (Omission Brand, Red Bridge Brand)

  • Hard Cider (Strongbow and Smith + Forge have the least amount of sugar compared to Angry Orchard)



6.    Fruit: EAT SEASONALLY.

  • This is the time for delicious watermelon, peaches and berries

  • Strawberries + Blueberries are known to have the highest amount of pesticides so try to buy ORGANIC when possible



7.    Remember the MENTAL GAME.

  • Don’t look at the weekends as a time to go crazy + eat ALL the food. Instead, remember it is just ONE day…just ONE party. There will be many more.



8.     If you do feel like youwent off the wagonget right back on the horse the next day.

  • Don’t wait until Monday. DO IT the next morning. Have an awesome, clean breakfast and an extra glass of WARM WATER WITH LEMON to cleanse out your system if you happened to have 1 or 2 too many mojitos!



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