Fitness Friday: How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

July 14, 2017

Alrighty Fitness-Friday Followers, here’s the low-down on how to eat healthy while you’re on vacation—yes, VACATION. I know what you’re thinking, it’s going to be impossible to eat healthy with all these amazing restaurants that seem to be calling your name. And you’re on vacation, so why not splurge, right? Right. Follow these few tips and you’ll be able to balance eating out while still making healthy, conscience decisions about your diet.





1. Preparation is key


Before going on vacation, make a grocery list of healthy snacks and meals that you generally eat during the week. You don’t have to go out to eat every day, it’ll save you calories and cash. So stick with your routine, that way it won’t be as hard to get back on track when you come home, and I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better afterwards. Not to mention, you’re familiar with the foods you eat on a regular basis so you won’t have to browse through another menu analyzing what would and would not be good for you!


2. Do not indulge


Here in America, we have quite the problem with portion sizes. Which is okay… To an extent. You shouldn’t spend your time, especially when on vacation, counting calories and worrying about portion sizes. However, if you opt for a more unhealthy meal, I suggest you don’t eat all of it. When we see a plate full of food, our brain tricks us into believing that we can and need to eat everything on the plate. Instead, eat until you’re full. Chew about 20 times each bite, and take your time in between each. It is obviously best to avoid foods that are battered and deep fried, but again, you’re on vacation. It’s not like you’re eating these things every day.


3. It’s all about balance


Refer back to number one. If you’re going for dinner, try and make yourself breakfast and lunch to bring some balance into your routine. It’s okay to eat those fried clam strips you’ve been dreaming of, or the fish and chips you could practically taste in your mouth once you smelt the salty sea air. Just make sure you’re listening to your body and giving it the proper nutrients it needs to maintain good health.


4. Substitutions


Sometimes we have the ability to make better decisions when eating out if we make a simple substitution. For example, we could exchange french fries for a side salad or the vegetable of the day. Choose olive oil and vinegar instead of sugary or creamy salad dressings. Instead of a burger and fries, try a burger without the bun, a side salad + a few french fries!


5. Choose the right cocktails


Avoid fruity cocktails that are high in sugar and alcohol content. Spiked Seltzers are all the rage right now, they’ve got just the right amount of flavor and fizz without any of the fat. Sorry guys, but beer is really just sugar and empty calories.


One beer can be the equivalent to SEVEN slices of bread. Holy carbs!


Try for some hard liquor that is sipped slowly, such as vodka, gin, whiskey, or scotch. The clearer the liquor, the easier they are on the body. And ladies, wine is a much healthier alternative to those fruity drinks! Don’t forget to drink one glass of water for each drink you consume!


            Now, with all your information from last week on how to stay active on vacation, combined with these healthy eating tips, you’re all set! You’re ready for your next vacation and can have ease of mind that you’re treating your body right! 




Fitness Friday Guru + NHHN Intern

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