Fitness Friday: Cleanse Your Lymph

August 19, 2017

If you’re like me, you probably only use a sauna a few times a year—at most. Probably if you’re at the gym or on vacation, because those are the only times I use it. But did you know that sauna is a great way to detox your body??


We have become a fairly sedentary society (although I hope Fitness Friday has changed that for some of you) and as a result, we don’t sweat nearly as much as we should. I’m sure you’re thinking “well, that’s a good thing. I hate being sweaty.”


Unfortunately, while it can cause some discomfort for most of us, our pores become easily clogged with toxins that we aren’t sweating out.


You also may have environmental pollutants that can be building up underneath your skin.





As the largest organ in your body, it’s the main barrier that protects the body from environmental toxins. Hence the reason why it is so easy for our skin to be clogged with so much.


At an intense heat between 160-200 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat and humidity with force out the built-up sebum, toxins, and dead skin cells out of your poor.


The heat also gradually increases your heart rate, while the relaxation that you feel by the sauna expands your blood vessels, your overall circulation is improved. This has the possibility to help your body release toxins even if you’re not in a sauna.


It’s also a great way to relax after a workout and can soothe your sore muscles. However, it is critical that you remain hydrated. If you fail to do so, you will expose yourself to extreme dehydration.  


Did you know?


In Finland, saunas are valued for their stress relieving benefits and are as common in Finnish households as TV sets are? Regular use is a huge part of the Finnish lifestyle and is begun during childhood.


Another great way to detox your skin?


Lymph dry brushes.


Available in our storefront, lymph dry brushes are a quick, efficient, and inexpensive way to cleanse your entire body. As I had mentioned, the skin is the largest organ of the body and the first line of defense against the environmental toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. The dry brush is applied directly onto the skin and aids in ridding the body of these potentially harmful exposures.


Here’s what you do: you take the brush and apply it directly to your skin and brush all over your body TOWARDS your heart. That’s it, easy peasy.



Here are the benefits:


Enhances your lymphatic system- your lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cellular debris within the body. When not working properly, cellular waste and toxins are more susceptible to build up in the body. By using the dry lymph brush, you are brushing towards the heart which is the same route as the lymph drainage. As a result you are stimulating the flow of the lymph to increase its efficiency of draining the toxins.


Exfoliation- Because you’re applying the lymph brush directly to the skin, you are also unclogging your pores that also have a build-up of toxins and dead skin cells.


Reduces Cellulite- It has the ability to soften the hard fat deposits that you may have below your skin which makes them spread out more evenly and eliminating the appearance of cellulite. 




Fitness Friday Guru + NHHN Intern

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