Eco-Friendly Swaps to Save Your Wallet & The Planet

May 9, 2018



Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat. 

If you've been following Nourish for any period of time you know that we believe health is a very complex and multifaceted concept. There is no one thing, or one magic solution to lead lead us to good health, but rather the collective influence of many external and internal forces. In this weeks Wellness Wednesday we are going to focus on the external world, because as you know, part of our individual health stems from the health of our planet and environment! So what can you do to support the health of the environment? We are going to give you the low down on some eco-friendly swamps to support the planet and cut down on your consumption, follow the reduce-reuse-recycle model, and ultimately enhance your own individual wellness journey.

1. The most obvious: Get a reusable water bottle! You guys--it's so simple! Think of the amount of plastic used and thrown away through water bottles. Not to mention, you're going to save massively when you stop purchasing single servings for $1.25 and start filling up for free!  

2. Reusable grocery bags. We all have known the shame of hoarding plastic grocery bags in that one kitchen drawer. It's overflowing and not helpful--I promise. Investing in 4-5 cotton totes could a total game changer at decluttering your space and reducing all those plastic bags! 

3. Along those same lines--reusable produce bags. Don't forget about all the plastic you use at the store just bagging up your lettuce. There are plenty of cheap, under $10 alternatives on Amazon!

4. Keeping up with that same trend, silicon storage bags to store food in your fridge. We recommend Stasher Bags. These are crazy innovative, as they are not like traditional food bags--you can use them to cook, stick in the oven, put in the freezer, or even boil! 

5. Ditch the plastic straws. This can be tricky when you're out and about and want a mid-day latte. However, investing in some reusable metal straws will not only cut out your plastic use but also help keep our marine life safe! There are plenty of options to buy these under just $10. Check out these from Amazon or these alternatives off of Thrive Market!

6. Bees Wrap. Bees Wrap is an alternative to the typical plastic wrap we use to cover our food. Made with all natural ingredients such beeswax and jojoba oil, this product is washable and compostable. Click here to check it out!

7. Of course we have to just shout of Diva Cup again, because how could we not!

These are just a few of the quick, easy, and not to mention money saving tips to play your part in keeping our Earth clean. If you have your own swaps you use in your everyday life, let us know at

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