Coconut Oil & Paleo Pro

September 12, 2018

We have been getting a LOT of questions lately regarding the controversy of coconut oil. Quite frankly, they are very infuriating as a holistic nutritionist.

These claims are made by doctors who are still adhering to the outdated ADA/AHA guidelines produced in the late 1940’s by Ansel Keys' Fat Graph. If you want the details, here are the steps you should take...

1. Please, please, PLEASE check-out the documentary on Netflix titled “The Magic Pill”. This will explain how the results were skewed greatly to prove his point.

2. THIS article shows the irregularities further.

3. HERE is a great article to hopefully help clarify too!!



NEW to Nourish, PaleoPro Protein Powder.  Are you looking for a paleo-approved protein powder? Look no further!

This fabulous protein powder offers 26g of protein per serving, has no dairy, soy, or whey.  It is made with pasture-raised, grass-fed beef with no added hormones and egg whites!! That's right, EGG WHITE!!!!

We offer Aztec Vanilla and Ancient Cacao which taste delicious and are gluten-free!!  

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