Collagen Guide

August 8, 2018

Complete Collagen Guide

If you've worked with Nourish before, there's a 99% chance you're familiar with our collagen obsession. We love it. The benefits are endless and it is probably one of the easiest supplement to incorporate into your daily routine. However, we get so many questions every day inquiring what the heck this magical stuff even is! Never fear--we're here to clear the air and give you the low down on collagen and why we're committed to our two scoops a day!

What's is it?

Collagen is actually an amino acid that is created by the body, however with age sometimes our body is not able to produce the amount needed for optimal functioning. Our body's actually lose collagen at a rate of 2% a year after the age of 25. The collagen peptides we offer are typically derived from grass-fed, pasture raised bovine hide (although some are created with marine collagen) in order to provide adequate nutritional benefits. Not only does it come in a powdered form, making it easy for digestion, but collagen is also gluten free, keto-friendly, whole 30 approved, and dairy free, so you need not be afraid to add a few scoops into your morning coffee!

What are the benefits? 

The benefits of collagen are seemingly almost seems magical. As listed on the vital proteins website, you can clearly see the numerous ways it can enhance your wellness game! Here are just a few reasons it's our favorite!

  • beneficial for hair, skin and nail growth

  • provides bone and joint support

  • aides in healing and sealing a leaky gut

  • hydrates the skin

  • overall improved digestion

  • improved athletic performance

  • aides in repair of torn ligaments, bone + joint health! 

But there's so many options, which do I choose? 

If you've tried to shop around for collagens, you'll probably agree that there are a lot of types out there. And, as we are all individuals, it can be difficult knowing what type works for YOU. So here's a brief overview of how products work, how to take them, and what they're best suited for:

  • Unflavored Collagen Peptides (Blue Canister): This is the basic, popular version of collagen peptides. It's benefits are pretty universal, so if you're a newbie with collagen, this is a great place to start. It's unflavored so it can easily be added to hot/cold beverages like coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. in order to get that extra boost of collagen in your day. Derived from pasture-raised cattle.

  • Marine Collagen (Teal Canister): Marine Collagen is sourced from marine life versus the regular collagen which is sourced form bovine. This is an excellent choice for those who may be pescatarian or don't eat beef products but still want to reap the same benefits of traditional collagen. 

  • Beef Gelatin (Green Canister): Beef gelatin is simply COOKED collagen. It's excellent for individuals who need more intense gut repair. Beef gelatin contains the same benefits as traditional collagen, however rather than dissolving in cold liquids it tends to form a gel consistency. This product is recommended for making collagen gummies, thick soups, custards, etc. It can be dissolved into hot beverages just the same as original collagen. 

  • Collagen Creamer: The creamer is a popular choice for those who want to boost their morning coffee game. It' contains your collagen + coconut milk. With flavors such as gingerbread, vanilla, and coconut these creamers utilize coconut milk and other flavors to create a delicious, protein filled cup of Joe. 

  • Collagen Whey: This is the perfect option if you're big into activity. With the perfect blend of whey protein and collagen you'll be getting what you need to support your workout and recovery. You will receive 25-27 grams of grass-fed whey protein, a daily probiotic AND your daily dose of collagen. You are getting 3 supplements in 1 and it's available in chocolate or vanilla. 

  • Matcha Collagen: This product combines the taste, antioxidant benefits and nutrition of matcha with the astounding benefits of collagen. If you're not a coffee drinker, or you're looking to improve your morning matcha latte, this is definitely not one to miss.

It should be noted that there are other various forms of collagen, for example "collagen veggie blend" which would be key for an individual who needs to up their veggie intake, but it should be tailored to you and what you're looking for in your wellness journey. It can be overwhelming, but don't overcomplicate it! Ask yourself what your body needs. Is it overall wellness? Is it fitness related? Is it joint health? Are you lacking veggies? and then move forward from there! 


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