Get Movin' this Summer

July 11, 2018

With summer here, it can be a great time to get up and get the body moving. Many of us may feel more inclined to get a good workout in but don't want to spend hours in the gym wasting precious sunshine! We're here to tell you that you can still get your sweat on and soak up the summer by engaging in some joyful movement!

Here are a few of our tips and tricks to stay active outdoors this summer: 

1. Engage in movement that brings you outside--hiking, walking, bike riding, swimming. The summer is a great opportunity to get that Vitamin D and still keep moving. Plus, it allows us to engage in activities that we may have been unable to do all winter! Take the chance before our next hibernation!

2. Take your gym routine and bring it outside! Have a great indoor workout that gets those endorphins going? Great! Try modifying it to fit natural surroundings. Use things like sidewalks, benches or stairs to help you complete your daily burn. 

3. Think back to childhood activities. If you're finding it difficult to get moving outside, think back to what types of activities you loved during childhood. Now, you might not be interested in playing tag or red rover these days (although, if so, all the power to you) but you can take elements of those activities to motivate you; for example going for a jog or even dancing around the yard! 

4. Join an outdoor, adult sports league. This can not only be a great way to stay active but also connect you with new faces and friends. If you've always loved soccer or baseball, now might be your chance to reach out and cater to those passions!

5. Switch it up! It's always a good idea to switch up your fitness routine from time to time. If you want to go to the gym one day, do it. Perhaps the next day you engage in some swimming or a nice run. Listen to your body. If you enjoy the exercise you do, you'll be more likely to create a habit and enjoy life all around. 

6. Try a YouTube Workout! You can always work out on-the-go! We love these two great ladies for workouts wherever you are. You don't need any equipment so you can do this in a hotel room or on the beach!

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Move that body!

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