Summer BBQ Tips

July 6, 2018



We at Nourish love summer--and for good reason! Warm weather, time spent with friends, delicious foods; what's not to love?! But we also understand that just because summer begins doesn't mean that your wellness journey stops. In fact, we want to help you succeed in making your body feel good while simultaneously living summer (and life!) to the fullest. In this weeks Wellness Wednesday, we're dishing out our summer BBQ tips:

Set yourself up for success

  • Make sure you fuel your body with a fabulous breakfast that morning. Something with some extra fats and proteins to keep you full and satiated. Have a little less starchy carbs at breakfast as well. 

  • Bring a healthy side dish to the party that you know will sit well with your belly. Ex: a healthy appetizer (deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail), a healthy dessert (fruit tart or power bites), or a fantastic chicken and veggie kabob dish!

  • Get your working in in the morning. Add in some weights and cardio and keep your metabolism burning.

Pick a protein to the center of your meal

  •  Hamburger, grilled chicken, steak tips, Italian sausage, hot dog (try nitrate free-- Applegate is a great brand!). These are all fantastic and delicious protein options. 

  • Opt out of the bun

  • Pick protein filled appetizers

    • Buffalo chicken dip, chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, deviled eggs

Pick one main starchy carb

  • Bread--if you want the bread, go for the bread. If gluten doesn't sit well with you, bring a gluten free bread (Udi's is a great brand that even makes hot dog buns!)

  • Love a good dip? Chips (tortilla or potato) can totally act as your carb

  • Want a summer cocktail? Alcohol will act as your starchy carb since alcohol turns into sugar in the body. The best options if you want a drink are: 

    • Vodka (we recommend Tito's!)

    • Gin

    • Tequila

    • Spike Seltzer

    • Gluten Free Beer (Omission Bran, Red Bridge Brand)

    • Hard Cider (try out Strongbow and Smith + Forge; they have less sugar compared to Angry Orchard). 

  • Fruits. Fruits are a great carb choice, but we recommend eating seasonally. This means delicious watermelon, peaches, berries. Try to buy organic when possible. 

Remember the mental game

  • You don't have to look at the weekends as a time to 'cheat.' It's okay to eat in moderate throughout the week and still stick to your goals, and this will make summer BBQs less of an 'all or nothing' event and a time you can enjoy and not feel guilty about.

  • If you do feel like you went "off the wagon" we suggest eating a nice, healthy breakfast the next morning. Also try drinking an extra glass of lemon water to cleanse your system if you had 1 too many mojitos (no judgment). Don't feel like one day can ruin your progress. Just jump back into it. 

And most importantly. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER. Have a very happy and safe 4th of July everyone. 

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