Bye Bye Dry Weather Skin

November 7, 2018

Dry Skin Be Gone!


We know that when the weather starts to change and the days get colder it takes a toll on our skin. Does your nicely bronzed and moisturized skin from summer now feel flaky and dry? If the answer is yes, there are ways that we can avoid the dry patches and irritation this coming winter!

Here's a few tips that might help!

1. Moisturize More - If you haven't found a skin care routine yet, now is the time to start!  Moisturizing daily is key to keeping the skin from drying out.  We love good, ole' coconut oil as a fabulous moisturizer!

2. Give your Hands a Hand - Did you know that the skin on your hands is thinner than the other parts of the body and has fewer oil glands? That means it's harder to keep your hands moisturized, especially when the winter months hit! Try slathering on a clean lotion, check out Flourish, and then go to bed with some thin gloves on to keep the moisture in!

3. Avoid Wet Gloves and Socks - Wet socks and gloves can irritate your skin and cause itching, cracking, sores, or even a flare-up of eczema.

4. Hook Up the Humidifier - Central heating systems along with space heaters blast hot, DRY air into our homes and offices, causing a drying effect on the skin! Humidifiers help to get moisture into the air. This helps prevent your skin from drying out. We recommend placing several small ones throughout your home; they help disperse the moisture more evenly.

5. Hydrate for Your Health, Including Your Skin - Staying hydrated helps your skin to stay looking younger longer.  BUT, water is good for your overall health. "The skin of someone who is severely dehydrated will benefit from fluids. The average person's skin reflects the amount of water being drunk," Kenneth Bielinski, MD, a dermatologist in Oak Lawn. Remember, hydration starts in the inside!

6. Pace the Peels - If your facial skin is very dry, avoid using drying masks, alcohol-based toners or face wash. Try finding cleansers and toners with milk or foam bases that are deeply hydrating.

7. Ban Super-Hot Baths - Yes, soaking in a burn-your-skin-off bath may feel FANTASTIC when its freezing out. However, the intense heat actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can cause you to loose moisture. Try a warm water bath for a shorter duration of time.

Lotions We Recommend
Skin Foodie 
Honest Company
Christina Moss Naturals
Nourish Organic 
Sky Organics


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