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-Recommended Practices and Affiliates-


Based in North Carolina, Christine offers programs to help women regain their spark and invest in their own self care. 


Jonah uses her own beautiful home gardens to source herbs and plants to help heal the individual. Homemade teas, customized tinctures and natural healing are all apart of the process here. 

Massage Therapy

Specializing in therapeutic massage as well as cupping, Bridget uses massage to heal and alleviate muscle pain/tension. We would absolutely recommend for your massage therapy needs!​

Hormone-Saliva Testing

  • Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS, CNS, CCN

           Specializes in hormone and saliva testing. Based out of South Carolina. Works via Skype or Zoom.​

           Phone: 843-214-2997


Trainers Lauran and Jamey will give you the workout of your life all within a supportive, yet challenging, environment. With everything ranging from group classes, to buddy workouts, to 1-on-1, there's something there for everyone. 

A local pilates studio; not only will this help stretch out those muscles but it'll leave you sore (in a good way) in places you didn't realize existed!


Pet Health

  • Henniker Farm Store

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