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BioHealth Mat Massages

Thermal Massage & Meridian Therapy System
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How Does it Work?

Our bodies emit and absorb what are called far infrared waves (FIRs). Infrared is essential to life and health and it is routinely used in hospitals to keep newborn babies warm. The BioHealth mat produces healing infrared heat, optimally absorbed in our body in what are called "Vital Rays". The BioHealth technology emits a wavelength that changes to correspond to all the resonant signatures of your body's biological structures. Within the mat, internal Jade emitters move automatically up and down the spine providing massage, moxibustion, spinal massage, thermotherapy, detoxification and meridian therapy.

What it Provides:

Meridian Therapy

using the principles of acupuncture and acupressure, the mat's heated jade rollers target 24 different meridian points on the body, removing blockages and opening the vital energy (also known as chi) channels, which returns the body to balance.


Spinal Massage

the heated jade rollers massage the body, bringing deep relaxation and aiding in stress relief! Far infrared heat waves (FIRs) from the moving jade rollers penetrate back muscles, ligaments, tendons and disks, helping to flex and align spinal vertebrae. FIR heat promotes vasodilation, increased oxygenation and metabolic waste removal. Massage also helps improve circulation and stimulates the nervous system.



a type of traditional Chinese medicine used as an adjunct to acupuncture that kills germs, extracts toxins and helps cellular repair, all which help to boost your immune system!



increases flexibility, removes toxins, enhances blood flow & provides pain relief.



far infrared waves (FIRs) penetrate into the body and allow waste removal at the cellular level. detoxification is beneficial at all steps on your healing journey!

Please call the Office for further information or to schedule your appointment!

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