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Functional Laboratory Testing

At certain points within one's path to optimal health, we may need to dive deeper. This is where Functional Lab Testing can come into place.

NHHN works with four laboratories across the United States and also offers in-home testing options for easy access to these beneficial health markers to bring you the most advanced and specialized Functional Laboratory Testing.

We offer DNA Stool Testing, Blood Chemistry Analysis, Hormone Testing and Food and Chemical Allergy Testing via Bloodwork. 

This testing gives us, in black and white, a clear picture of what is going on in your body.

GI Map Stool Testing

Beneficial to determine pathogens via testing the DNA in the stool. This tests for pathogens including but not limited to: parasites, worms, implanted viruses, bacteria, candida/yeast, gliadin (water-soluble form of gluten) and intestinal health markers to show liver, pancreas, gallbladder and immune function.

SIBO Breath Testing

Done via an at-home breath test, this test is used to determine if Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth is present.


MRT Food & Chemical Sensitivity Testing

Done via a lab-drawn Blood Test, this is beneficial to determine 176 chemical and food reactions causing inflammation within the body.

Comprehensive Laboratory Blood Testing

We can order blood work to observe the following:

  • overall wellness

  • cardiovascular health

  • blood sugar management 

  • thyroid support 

*Blood work can be filled at any Quest Diagnostic Laboratory or Lab Corp

KBMO Diagnostic Food Allergy Testing

Done via a lab-drawn Blood Test, this is beneficial for individuals who can not perform the more in-depth food allergy blood test.

Breast Thermography

Rebecca Reverie of Safe Breast Scan offers her services at Nourish on certain dates, please see her website for more information!

Please call the office for testing options, package options for testing and further questions.​​

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