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Emily Piquette

Integrative Nutrition Health Consultant (INHC)

Essential Oils Specialist

Brain Therapy Specialist

Office Manager

Administrative Assistant

My Story

Shortly after I had my daughter 6 years ago, I was feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, severely anxious, and unhealthy. I was only caring for those around me and not myself. I wasn’t nourishing my body or feeding my soul. I felt trapped and alone, I was working in a job that I did not feel fulfilled in and was struggling to find something to knock me back into “myself ”.


I wanted to enjoy my family, AND motherhood to the fullest and get back to being the fun, spunky person that everyone knew me to be. I wanted to feel beautiful, fun, and ALIVE again.


SO…. I did just that! I began nourishing my body inside and out so that I could live my best life. I started leaning into practicing little things that made me feel inspired and alive again. Slowly but surely is when I started to shift my focus, I began to see big changes in my life.


When I really started to focus on my intuition, it led me back to myself. Which then led me to get certified as a Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As a result, I have a unique perspective that gives my clients the best of both worlds. I believe that wellness is not just what is on your plate, that it is the whole package, mind, body and soul.


I will help clients with finding the inspiration and motivation in their lives to make big changes.


My coaching style is compassionate, supportive, and judgment-free, but we laugh, too. You have all the insight and wisdom you need; It just takes some powerful questions and the space to talk things out to get to it. I am here as your health support mentor to help you on your journey to creating healthy habits and sustainable life changes, just think of me as your guide on the side to support you, and I am honored to be on this journey with you! ❤

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