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Diatomaceous Earth and Why We Love It

It can be so difficult these days to sift through health products and decipher which ones are truly beneficial and which ones air on the side of scams. Here at Nourish we try to make things easier for you by offering a store-front filled with products that we personally believe in and attest to. One of the products we carry that sparks curiosity in many is called Diatomaceous Earth (DE). This week in wellness we are going to answer all the questions you have about DE and tell you why we're obsessed with it. Many of you may be asking yourself what IS Diatomaceous Earth, since the name is indicative of some prehistoric breed of dinosaur--which, quite honestly, is not far off. DE, typically sold in the form of a chalk-like supplement powder, is actually a natural product of the Earth! Found as a sedimentary rock in lakes/streams, DE is made up of fossilized, single-celled aquatic organisms--which we now utilize in the world of wellness! Okay--so your next question might be "Kristen, why are you suggesting I eat, what seems to be literal rocks?" and don't worry, we have an answer. There are various grades of DE, but we specifically promote a food-grade product so that it can be more versatile and catered to your own individual health needs--in simpler terms, it is safe for human/animal consumption! The practically magical benefits of DE are seemingly endless. On the internal level, it can help to support hair, skin, and nail growth, and even aid as a joint supporter. Because DE also promotes collagen production in the body, it is a great way to increase gut health and metabolism, which is why many individuals use it as a detox mechanism. Also, DE is excellent for removing heavy metals and detoxing the GI track of yeast. Externally, these benefits may show through stronger nails, healthier skin, etc. Food grade DE can be easily digested by mixing it with the liquid of your choice or even mixing it in with foods such as oatmeal and smoothies! An article on written by Diatomaceous Earth entitled "What is Diatomaceous Earth" delves further into the uses of DE by sharing its uses for our pets. And what do we love more than our pets? If you're us, absolutely nothing. DE is a natural pest control, which means it can help with tick and flea control, and also help tackle any other creepy crawly infestations that might be occurring in your home. This includes (but is not limited to) ants and bedbugs! The pet DE is typically identical to the food grade DE (but be cautioned of any additives companies put in), so that you can feel safe using it for your furry best friends. Lastly, as if this magical substance wasn't impressive enough, pool grade DE can be used as a more effective filter for your swimming pool. However, this level of DE is NOT food grade and should not be ingested by any means. We here at Nourish are in love with the Diatomaceous Earth products and would love to answer any other questions that you have about it! Contact us at the office or email for all your DE confusions! All of the information gathered for this article was retrieved from the official Diatomaceous Earth Website. To learn more click here. For even more information, you can find info about using DE for pest control here.

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